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License Plates

NC license plate new
NC license plate new

MS license plate update in North and South Carolina

   North Carolina MS License Plate Update

NC License Plate

Initial Plate Cost to Now be Covered by MS Chapters

For more than two years, the NC Chapters of the National MS Society have promoted the availability of an MS License Plate.  Sincere appreciation goes to many of you that have purchased an MS Plate for yourselves and family members and have patiently waited for your plate.  Still, to date, we lack the number of applications needed to begin production. 

In an effort to make the MS License Plate a reality in the near future, the North Carolina Chapters have decided cover the cost of an MS license plate for the first 300 applications.  This is a cost of $25 per application for plates numbered 1 thru 300, $15 of which will be returned to our chapters to be used for local client programs and other local needs.  With the National MS Society covering part of the cost, regular MS Plates will now initially be free.  Personalized MS Plates with a four letter word or combination of four letters and/or numbers will now initially cost $30 rather than $55. 

During the annual renewal the $25/$55 (personalized) fee will be due each year in addition to the regular license fee to the DMV.  The $25/$55 specialized plate fee is an ANNUAL fee.

The creation of an MS license plate is an advocacy and awareness victory that we have yet to capitalize on.  It is imperative that we get 300 applications as soon as possible.  If you have not done so already, please consider applying for the NC MS license plate, so that we can reach our goal and carry out final production of the plates.

To apply for the MS license plate and have your initial cost covered; please mail your completed application to:

National MS Society
3101 Industrial Drive, Suite 210
Raleigh, NC, 27609

If you have already applied and paid for a license plate and wish to have your money refunded to take advantage of this offer, please contact the Eastern NC Chapter at (919) 834-0678 or e-mail
.  Any additional questions may also be directed to the Eastern NC Chapter.

Please note that if you choose, you may still opt to pay the full fee of $25 or $30 (personalized), rather than have the fee covered by the chapter.

Download the NC License Plate Application

SC License Plate Update 

     This is an exciting time for people with MS in South Carolina!  The SC MS license plate production is now underway! The new license plate will be the first-ever SC digitalized plate and has been pre-reserved by 200 people! Those who have pre-registered for a plate can expect to either receive a letter from the SC DMV or their plate—this will depend on the registration cycle of each vehicle.  For more information about this, contact the SC DMV’s call center at 803-896-5000.

Those who did not pre-register will find the new plate in the SC DMV field offices after Wednesday, January 16, 2008.  The top of the plate will read “National MS Society” rather than “1-800-FIGHT MS.” This will be a great way to increase awareness of MS in our state and encourage others to Join the Movement! For questions about the SC license plate, contact the SC DMV’s call center at 803-896-5000.

SC License Plate


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