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Take a Stand Against MS

stand against MS
stand against MS

You can host your very own fundraiser to raise money to fight MS, in your community.


What could be better on a hot day than a glass of cold lemonade?  Knowing that the donation for that glass of lemonade benefitted 7,200 people living with MS in the Mid-Atlantic Chapter area by funding vital local programs and national research!  Please join our family-friendly effort to take a stand against MS…a devastating disease of the central nervous system, and captain a lemonade stand in your area. 

The Stand Against MS is a fun way to involve friends, families and co-workers in raising money and awareness for multiple sclerosis.  Stands are held May September.  The Chapter provides signage, publicity, t-shirts for stand captains, and other supplies for a successful stand. 

Consider hosting a Stand Against MS in 2008!  With your help, more people in your community will know what MS is and how it impacts families throughout the area.  And, we will raise money for the National MS Society’s local efforts and national research program.

Below are a few successful marketing ideas for the Stand Against MS:

  • Raffle items like spa treatments and gift baskets at the Stand Against MS
  • Ask the business location where the Stand Against MS is being held to match funds raised by the stand
  • Hold the Stand Against MS in an office building during lunch and sell lemonade AND hotdogs or other lunch items
  • Invite athletes and mascots to make appearances at the Stand Against MS
  • Sell Lemonheads candy instead of lemonade in business offices
  • Offer home-baked goods and freshly squeezed lemonade at the Stand Against MS
  • Issue press releases before the event to really create a buzz!

Start talking to friends and family now to spread the word!  For more information, contact Linda Vanderbosch or call 800-477-2955.  To register for the Stand Against MS, complete the online Volunteer Application.



Click here to download the brochure.


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